Poptel P9000 Max rugged cellphone evaluate


A sharp cost, enormous battery life and a better than average cluster of parts: What’s not to like with the P9000 Max? Poptel’s lady gadget hits all the correct notes – yet how about we trust it doesn’t turn into a one-hit ponder.

  • Creature battery
  • Definitely evaluated
  • Clever blaze cover functions admirably
  • Area of intensity catch
  • Committed photograph catch can’t be redone
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  • poptel P9000 MAX 4G Phablet
  • GearBest
  • $256.96

Entsperrte IP68 imprägniern Handy, POPTEL P9000 MAX, 4G LTE schroffer Smartphone, Fingerabdruck-Telefon, Gorilla Glas 5.5 “FHD IPS Schirm 9000mah 4G/64G Octa Kern NFC androiden intelligenten Telefons (GREEN)

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Entsperrte IP68 imprägniern Handy, POPTEL P9000 MAX, 4G LTE schroffer Smartphone, Fingerabdruck-Telefon, Gorilla Glas 5.5 “FHD IPS Schirm 9000mah 4G/64G Octa Kern NFC androiden intelligenten Telefons (ORANGE)

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Entsperrte IP68 imprägniern Handy, POPTEL P9000 MAX, 4G LTE schroffer Smartphone, Fingerabdruck-Telefon, Gorilla Glas 5.5 “FHD IPS Schirm 9000mah 4G/64G Octa Kern NFC androiden intelligenten Telefons (BLACK)

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Poptel is another challenger mark from territory China, one that practices exclusively in tough cell phones, much the same as Nomu or AGM. Rough cell phones for the most part convey higher edges and the opposition has a tendency to be less exceptional than the standard market.


Online Chinese retailer, Gearbest, offers the Poptel P9000 Max for just shy of $230 (£180) at the season of composing. Note that, while this cost incorporates conveyance, it is selective of any assessments that might be collected by HMRC or the messenger organizations for the benefit of the seller. Need to purchase tech from online Chinese retailers? Read this first.

The P9000 Max doesn’t sparkle because of its outline or execution, rather, it separates itself by including a gigantic 9000mAh battery, the greatest we’ve seen on a rough cell phone to date, offering the kind of self-rule that a sizable part of its intended interest group will long for.

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Be that as it may, has Poptel been excessively driven in taking a stab at, making it impossible to pack however much as could reasonably be expected into such a minimal body at a moderately ease? Read on to discover.


The P9000 Max is overwhelming at 327g, which isn’t amazing since that weighty battery was continually going to burden it – however what was somewhat of a stun is this present telephone’s size. At 168 x 83 x 17mm, it is littler than we expected, given the way that it is an IP68-appraised gadget.

It grasps the conventional outline related with tough cell phones: an eight-side walled in area highlighting a lot of polycarbonate plastic, heaps of noticeable screws and a dark/yellow shading plan with a touch of metal to fortify the suspension.

Strangely, the power catch is situated on the base region of the left edge of the gadget, which feels unnatural for right-gave clients. Rather, the volume catches are the place one would anticipate that the power catch will be. Poptel included a devoted photograph catch the lower some portion of the correct edge – that is extraordinary to take snaps rapidly yet unfortunately it can’t be modified.

There are no status lights and the changeless route keys are flipped – the back catch is on the right, as opposed to on the left (similar to the case on most Android cell phones). Elastic folds, situated at the best and base of the telephone, cover the earphone attachment and a USB Type-C connector.

The SIM plate can be found on the left-hand side while a speaker flame broil, the unique finger impression sensor, and a 13-megapixel camera can be found around the back. The last has four blaze LEDs which are taken cover behind a white piece of straightforward plastic that goes about as a glimmer cover, to prevent the blaze from extinguishing the subject of a photo.


  • CPU: Mediatek MT6750V (MTK6755)
  • GPU: Mali-T860
  • Slam: 4GB
  • Capacity: 64GB
  • Screen measure: 5.5-inch
  • Goals: 1920 x 1080
  • Weight: 327g
  • Measurements: 168 x 83 x 17mm
  • Raise camera: 13MP
  • Front camera: 5MP
  • OS: Android 7
  • Battery: 9Ah
  • Particulars

This cell phone offers an arrangement of standard parts as one would anticipate. You get a 8-center midrange Mediatek framework on-chip, 4GB of RAM and 64GB on-load up capacity – so there’s sufficient oomph in the engine to last two or three years, by which time, Android 10 (Quiche?) will most likely be out.

It bolsters double SIM, double reserve and a microSD card; every one of the three in the meantime. Note that the P9000 Max bolsters worldwide LTE groups which is helpful in the event that you intend to movement all around the globe.

There’s no 802.11ac Wi-Fi (such a disgrace) however you do get NFC, alongside a 9V/2A battery charger (that can charge the telephone from zero to full in 3.5 hours) and OTG abilities (you can utilize the handset to charge different telephones, despite the fact that that requires a connector).

The screen is oleophobic, an amazement at a gadget at this cost level, and uses Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for security.


Here’s the manner by which the Poptel P9000 Max performed in our suite of benchmark tests:

  • Geekbench: 615 (single-center); 2,615 (multi-center); 1,761 (process)
  • Antutu: 55,496
  • PCMark (Work 2.0): 3,291
  • Passmark: 3,860
  • Passmark CPU: 76,236
  • Androbench (consecutive): 271 (successive read); 131 (successive compose)
  • Androbench (arbitrary): 37 (irregular read); 11 (irregular compose)
  • 3DMark Slingshot: 558
  • 3DMark Slingshot Extreme: 387
  • 3DMark IceStorm: 10,031
  • HWBot Prime: 3,693
  • Being used

There are no enormous shocks here. The CPU driving the P9000 Max is marginally less intense than Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 630 found in the Cat S61, however it offers a lot of intensity for most (commonplace) assignments.

The telephone runs Android 7.0 and likewise with the dominant part of existing rough handsets from China, it’s probably not going to get any kind of refresh to Android Oreo or Pie. There were no updates accessible when we checked.

Another drawback is the absence of any packaged applications, (for example, those present on the Doogee S60 or the Cat S61): there’s no stable level meter or pedometer, in spite of the fact that there are free applications accessible from the Google Play store to provide food for these obligations.

The IPS show produces splendid hues on account of the nonattendance of a matte overlay (something normal on passage level tough cell phones), and it’s reasonably brilliant notwithstanding when outside, where the P9000 Max is required to be utilized regularly.

Poptel guarantees about two long stretches of video playback on a solitary charge and a stunning two months on reserve even with both SIM card spaces dynamic. We didn’t beware of either tally because of time requirements, however this appears to be profoundly conceivable given the excellent battery limit of this gadget.

The opposition

On the off chance that you need a tough cell phone with a substantial battery, the P9000 Max is your solitary choice. The AGM X2 has a significantly more noteworthy arrangement of parts (Qualcomm framework on-chip, 6GB RAM, triple cameras, AMOLED screen) however just a 6000mAh battery; it likewise sends with a 100% premium on the cost.

The Oukitel WP 5000 is hardly more costly, has a lower screen goals (which may help enhance battery life) and a littler battery. In any case, it has three cameras, an all the more ground-breaking framework on-chip and half additional memory.

On the off chance that battery limit is all you think about, at that point consider the yet-to-be-looked into Blackview P10000 Pro with its 11,000mAh battery limit. It doesn’t have an IP68 rating however you get four cameras, a greater screen with a higher goals, a lower sticker price and an all the more ground-breaking framework on-chip.

To wrap things up, consider the calfskin bound Oukitel K10 and its similarly noteworthy 11,000mAh battery (charged utilizing a 5V/5A control supply unit). It retails for under $300 (around £235) yet other than the missing IP68 rating, conveys a far better scope of parts contrasted with the P10000 Pro, with a consolidated camera pixel tally of 50 megapixels!

The undisputed ruler of limit remains the Ulefone Power 5 and its 13,000mAh battery, the greatest at any point found in a cell phone. Be that as it may, this isn’t IP68 appraised and doesn’t have NFC, yet everything else (Android 8.1, 6GB RAM, FHD+ screen) is incorporated for under $300 (around £235).

The business take

There’s a considerable measure to like about the P9000 Max and shockingly, it has figured out how to deliver the principal genuine high battery limit cell phone with an IP68 rating. With an exceptionally sensible value, the P9000 Max ought to be a genuinely decent vender for a group of people that requires both the guarantee of an extensive avoid an attachment, and being impenetrable to thumps, drops, residue and water.

Open air specialists who need to adapt to testing conditions without stopping for even a minute, and require ensured entire day task on a solitary charge won’t be frustrated, as long as they comprehend the standard admonitions related with purchasing from a challenger Chinese versatile merchant.

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