OnePlus 6T: leaks, rumours, and everything we already know

A year ago the somewhat noteworthy OnePlus 5 was trailed by the stunningly better OnePlus 5T – which makes us imagine that the OnePlus 6 that propelled back in May will get its very own redesign soon. Nothing is legitimate yet, yet it appears to be likely that another handset is approaching.

Here we’ve assembled all that we think about the OnePlus 6T up until now: what it is, the means by which great it may be, and when you can hope to get your hands on it. Read on to see if the OnePlus 6T could be your next cell phone when it in the end dispatches.


A standout amongst the latest OnePlus 6T gossipy tidbits – provided by inside sources addressing CNET – claims that the OnePlus 6T will show up in October. A similar report recommends that in the US, the telephone will be a T-Mobile select on the off chance that you need it with an agreement, however, an opened worldwide variant will likewise be accessible.

That is somewhat sooner than a year ago – the OnePlus 5T showed up in November, following the OnePlus 5 that appeared in June.

Contrast that with this year, when we had the OnePlus 6 in May: so multi-month sooner for the fundamental lead, and (likely) multi-month sooner for the subsequent telephone. It bodes well that the OnePlus 6T would appear in October, perhaps close to indistinguishable time from the two Google Pixel 3 telephones.

With respect to the value, CNET’s contacts are stating $550 is the unpleasant figure. That pursues the $479 OnePlus 5, the $499 OnePlus 5T, and the $529 OnePlus 6, which sounds about right – only somewhat pricier than the OnePlus 6. In the UK, that telephone begins at £469, so the OnePlus 6T may very well


As far as the outline, the bounce from the OnePlus 5 to the OnePlus 5T was anything but a noteworthy one. Subsequently, we’re anticipating that the OnePlus 6T should look a considerable measure like the OnePlus 6 – think a screen in the area of 6.3 inches, and a particular presentation score.

Obviously there will be changes all over, generally, there’s the very little point in OnePlus discharging another telephone. A year ago one of the changes was to make the OnePlus 5T screen essentially greater, however considering the OnePlus 6 as of now sports a 6.28-inch screen, it appears to be impossible its successor will go considerably bigger.

The OnePlus 6 was the first in the line of handsets to wear a glass back, and it appears to be a decent wagered that the OnePlus 6T will go with the same pattern. What we may see is a knock in goals, in light of the fact that the 1080 x 2280 pixels brandished by the OnePlus 6 isn’t up with the best Android leads of 2018.

OnePlus 6 isn’t up with the best Android leaders of 2018.

OnePlus and Oppo are really possessed by a similar maker, so the Oppo R17 may give us some thought of what the OnePlus 6T may resemble: take note of that little score and an unmistakable absence of bezels. The Oppo R17 likewise includes an in-screen unique finger impression peruser on the front – will the OnePlus 6T stick to this same pattern?

The OnePlus 6T won’t have enormously unique specs to the OnePlus 6. The Snapdragon 845 chipset is as yet the processor of decision for best end Android handsets, and that will remain the case until 2019.

For three telephones in succession now, OnePlus has offered 6GB or 8GB choices for the RAM, and that is probably not going to change with the OnePlus 6T – it’s unquestionably too soon for 16GB inside a cell phone, so 6GB and 8GB ought to be the alternatives once more.

The best end stockpiling level may get a knock to 512GB from 256GB, remembering that OnePlus doesn’t more often than exclude a microSD card opening inside its telephones: the measure of capacity you purchase in any case is the sum you must live with.

In the event that there are any specs supports they may come in the camera office if OnePlus has figured out how to enhance the 16MP+20MP double focal point raise confronting camera on the OnePlus 6. It would positively give clients motivation to purchase the OnePlus 6T.

The OnePlus 5T wasn’t only an update on the OnePlus 5 – it totally supplanted it, turning into the new OnePlus lead after the old one had just been in the activity for a large portion of a year. In view of that, it’s not astounding that most are expecting the update over the OnePlus 6 to be a slight one.

We’ve specified screen goals, and camera quality, however, OnePlus may choose to include remote charging and legitimate waterproofing on a OnePlus telephone out of the blue (the OnePlus 6 is just appraised as “sprinkle safe”).

It’s conceivable that the battery will grow somewhat greater, and that we’ll see an alternate arrangement of shading alternatives than we saw with the OnePlus 6. Considering that telephone was a piece of the Android P beta program, the OnePlus 6T may well turn out shaking the full Android 9 Pie programming, with the OnePlus OxygenOS to finish everything.

Regardless of whether the OnePlus 6T is a generally minor redesign from the OnePlus 6, it’s as yet going to be the best telephone OnePlus has ever put out. In case you’re subsequent to something that is a critical advance up from everything that is gone previously however, you’ll have to sit tight for the OnePlus 7 to touch base sooner or later one year from now.

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