LG LUCID Best Review

Can a mid-variety LTE phone keep up with Verizon’s best?

LTE availability was beforehand held for bearers’ top of the line telephones, however as the system turns out to be more standard — Verizon currently has LTE in 200 US markets — it’s turning into a standard element even on bring down level gadgets. Take LG’s most recent cell phone, the Lucid: it’s a determinedly mid-go gadget, or if nothing else is promoted like one. It costs $79.99 on get, a cost once held for flip telephones and “informing telephones,” whatever that implies.

It might be estimated underneath Verizon’s leader handsets, yet its specs are as yet strong: it associates with Verizon’s wonderful LTE system, and highlights a 1.2GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, a 4-inch show, and an eye-getting plan. Is the Lucid a take at $79.99, or is its quality as center of-the-pack as its cost? Read on to discover.

I’ve thumped LG in the past for unmistakably aping other makers’ handset outlines — the Nitro HD is essentially a knockoff Galaxy S II — so here I’ll give credit where it’s expected: the Lucid is a considerably more unique plan, and is all around a fruitful one. The Lucid’s 11.4mm thickness isn’t precisely slim, however there’s a gleaming silver stripe around the edges that makes the telephone look significantly sleeker and more slender than it is.

The stripe is wide at the highest point of the telephone and thin around the base and sides (like the Sony Tablet S, or the Samsung Series 9), and includes some pleasant outline energy in an ocean of every dark handset. Configuration instigated fake treatment or something else, the telephone likewise feels thin when you hold it, and is really agreeable to hold and utilize. Its shiny, red and dark striped back scrapes effectively and is greatly inclined to fingerprints — it likewise feels dubiously elusive a la LG’s other late Verizon cell phone, the Spectrum, yet it’s not so terrible on the Lucid.

The Lucid’s capacity catch lies at the highest point of the silver stripe, on the telephone’s correct side. There’s another handle on the left side in a similar spot, which I trusted was a camera screen or some cool capacity catch, yet no such luckiness — it’s absolutely an accessories and doesn’t discourage, which is odd without a doubt. A solitary catch volume rocker is settled beside the silver stripe, set on the decreased edge so your fingers can discover the control yet your eyes never observe it.

Something else, there’s very little to see here. Underneath the 4-inch show are the standard four capacitive Android catches, which is a little change for LG; the Nitro HD and Spectrum both unadroitly joined the Menu and Search catches, and I’m happy to see them split here, however the symbols still hold LG’s odd (and once in a while uncertain) overhaul.

Consideration was plainly paid to keeping the Lucid as moderate as could reasonably be expected, and LG was for the most part fruitful — ports are set unnoticeably into the decreased edges, and the main eye-getting configuration imperfection is that the organization clearly couldn’t avoid slapping substantial LG logos onto the front and back of the gadget, going with a Verizon logo on the front and a 4G LTE logo on the back.


When I purchased a Samsung Fascinate a few years prior, the 4-inch show felt emphatically colossal. Interesting how things change. Presently the Lucid feels out and out little, the delightful younger sibling of the Spectrum, the Galaxy Nexus, or the Droid RAZR. Despite everything I think four inches is near the ideal show estimate, however — it’s sufficiently vast to see a considerable measure without a moment’s delay, yet little enough that my medium-sized hands can fold over the telephone and my fingers can achieve any spot on the screen. It won’t serve as your lounge room TV, however the Lucid’s show is bounty expansive for my tastes.

I may long for the Fascinate’s size, however you know what I don’t miss? Its goals. Lamentably, LG missed that qualification, and offered to the Lucid a 800 x 480 IPS LCD. 800 x 480 simply doesn’t abandon you with enough screen land, and on a 4-inch show it makes symbols tremendous and adds enough jaggies to content that you’re not going to need to peruse on this telephone for in excess of several minutes.

It’s difficult to get over, particularly when there are such a significant number of telephones with 720p showcases accessible from Verizon, from the Galaxy Nexus to the HTC Rezound; the Rezound can likewise be acquired for $49.99 right now, which makes the Lucid an extremely hard offer.

The show is splendid and has superb survey points, however regardless of the Nova marking it has some genuine issues — blacks aren’t so dark as I’d like, and all hues get a handle on somewhat washed. You can promptly make out individual pixels, as well. Like the Spectrum, the real show additionally seems, by all accounts, to be far beneath the defensive Gorilla Glass covering, so it feels like you’re not really contacting the screen when you’re utilizing the telephone.

The Lucid’s outfitted with the standard arrangement of telephone cameras: a 5-megapixel raise shooter and a VGA forward looking focal point.

The back focal point is just normal, yet not for the reasons I’m acquainted with. It really takes sensibly sharp photographs, however more often than not I didn’t get the shot I was seeking after. The telephone professes to have self-adjust, however it’s extremely more like auto-put on a show to-center. The square showing the center direct ricochets toward let you know it’s discovered center — it turns green on the off chance that you utilize the tap-to-center component, however the two activities demonstrate the shot is in center.

But it isn’t: relatively inevitably, I wound up with somewhat hazy, out of center photographs notwithstanding when shooting something still that the telephone asserted was in center. Shooting far-away subjects worked affirm, and photographs look fine, yet to anything inside arm’s achieve the Lucid’s all in or all out (and generally miss). The feared pink-circle impact is here, as well, marginally staining any white-foundation shot you take.


The back camera likewise shoots 1080p video, yet goals surely doesn’t mean quality. Video is delicate and experiences indistinguishable ambiguously unfocused impact from still pictures, in addition to there’s not a single picture adjustment in sight so pretty much anything you shoot will be temperamental.

The forward looking camera’s VGA goals implies it shoots pictures at a 640 x 480 goals. In case you’re tallying, that is much short of what one megapixel, and even the minor photographs you get will be loud and delicate. In any case, as you’d expect, it does fine for video visit or ensuring there’s nothing in your teeth.

The camera application is a brilliant spot — it’s really one of only a handful couple of things producers reliably enhance over stock Android. LG’s application puts heaps of settings in a menu on the left half of the show, so you can rapidly include a channel or change some essential settings. The application boots rapidly, as well, and swaps effortlessly among video and as yet recording. Obviously, you can change to your heart’s substance and the Lucid’s photographs will never be incredible, yet you can unquestionably enhance them a bit.


There’s a 1.2GHz, double center processor inside the Lucid (LG won’t determine which one), and keeping in mind that it’s a spec class beneath the 1.5GHz Snapdragon chip inside the Spectrum, by and by the distinction is nearly non-existent, likely on account of the 1GB of RAM in the gadget.

The Lucid is very smart, doing nearly everything immediately — or if nothing else no more than Gingerbread itself brings into the shred, similar to the infrequent slack when propelling or shutting an application. Indeed, even LG’s odd live backdrops (when your telephone is charging, it’s a jug of fireflies) don’t appear to prevent the gadget’s execution. Fabulous Theft Auto III is my go-to diversion for testing a gadget’s illustrations and preparing abilities, and the amusement played with no skips or falters, however single pixels would at times pass out for a second, which was odd.

The Lucid’s call quality was alright, yet it gets most noteworthy imprints for something you won’t yourself see — the mouthpiece is adequate, particularly on speakerphone, to the point where you can be heard regardless of whether the telephone is a few feet away. The speaker and amplifier, then again, both pack sound to the point where it sounds like the other individual has the telephone in their mouth while they talk.

It is anything but a dealbreaker or an especially enormous dropoff from different telephones, yet call quality isn’t a feature of the Lucid. Gathering was strong, however, and I never dropped a bring in my opportunity with the Lucid.

Verizon’s LTE arrange is astounding, and in this manner is the Lucid’s information availability — however it’s not as quick as some other Verizon gadgets. I tried the Lucid by a Droid RAZR, and keeping in mind that download speeds were about the same, running from 11Mbps to 13Mbps, the Lucid’s transfer speeds topped at around 6Mbps while the RAZR reliably went as high as 17Mbps. 11Mbps down and 6Mbps up is wonderfully quick, yet it’s odd that the RAZR’s transfer speeds were reliably so substantially higher.

LTE’s a major battery deplete, however, and best I can tell there’s solitary one genuine arrangement: pack an immense battery into the telephone, a la the Droid RAZR Maxx. The Lucid’s 1700mAh battery is a conventional size, however it’s more similar to the RAZR than the Maxx, as is the Lucid’s battery life.

I could squeeze out an entire day of direct use without charging (that is the place the lower-res screen is a major preferred standpoint), yet scarcely. The telephone likewise depletes like insane on reserve, losing 40-60 percent of its battery while sitting on my bedside table medium-term on the off chance that it was associated with LTE. The lesson of the story? Wi-Fi is your companion.


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