HTC TITAN Best Review

The first HTC Titan turned out the previous fall, offering a portion of the best equipment we’d ever observed running Windows Phone. In any case, that was months prior. Nokia’s Lumia 900 currently stands out with regards to outline and manufacture quality, and we’ve seen Windows Phone’s pace of change moderate while Android and iOS have kept on developing and improve.

So HTC discharges the Titan’s successor, suitably named the Titan II, into an altogether different portable scene, where Windows Phone is not any more the energizing upstart and is presently simply the third-set working framework. Can the Titan II enhance something worth being thankful for from a year ago’s model? All the more essentially, should your next telephone run Windows Phone? How about we discover.


On the off chance that we were entering the time of additional huge cell phones when we evaluated the first Titan in November, we’re currently solidly amidst the XXL cell phone period. As of late we’ve seen the 5.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Note, the 4.7-inch HTC One X, and a large group of different colossal cell phones.

The Titan II fits right in: at 5.2 inches tall and a 0.39 inches (9.9mm) thick, the telephone (alongside its 4.7-inch show) is completely gigantic. It’s cunningly bended and decreased in order to be moderately simple to hold, however you’ll always remember this thing is in your pocket. It’s impressively thicker than the One X, which is somewhat of an issue: colossal telephones are a certain something, yet a thick telephone winds up harder to hold, and to be sure the Titan II is more hard to employ one-gave than some other expansive handsets. At 5.18 ounces (147g) it’s lighter than its forerunner, yet at the same time feels exceptionally strong.

I wouldn’t call the Titan II wonderful, and it’s unquestionably not as pivotal a plan as the Lumia 900, however it’s a good looking and well-made telephone. Its back has a delicate, metallic complete, with a solitary removable board at the base that shrouds the SIM card — don’t evacuate this for entertainment only, however, since for reasons unknown the telephone controls off when you do.

There’s likewise an expansive removed HTC logo, in addition to a somewhat raised camera focal point and two LED flashes. The base of the telephone is additionally marginally bended upward, giving the Titan II the scarcest of jaws — it’s no HTC One V, yet I do love telephones with buttons, so I’ll take it.

The telephone’s correct side houses a volume rocker and a camera shade catch, the two of which feel well-made and have a pleasant travel. The power catch lays on the highest point of the telephone, alongside the earphone jack. It’s an awful place for a power catch on a telephone this extensive, and is for all intents and purposes difficult to reach in case you’re holding the telephone in one hand, except if you have colossal hands — it’s additionally scarcely raised over the edge, so it tends to be difficult to press. On the front there’s a notice LED (an undisputed top choice element), an AT&T logo, the three capacitive Windows Phone catches, and the tremendous 4.7-inch show.

4.7 INCHES IS GOOD, 800 X 480 IS NOT

When you turn on the Titan II, it turns out to be considerably more undefined from the first Titan. It has the same 4.7-inch Super LCD, and this screen shares all indistinguishable qualities and shortcomings from its predecessor’s. Its survey edges are mind blowing, among the best I’ve at any point seen on a telephone — hues are exact and dynamic, even far away hub. Blacks are unimaginably profound, which makes Windows Phone’s brilliant UI pop significantly more. It’s not exactly to the level of the One X’s Super LCD 2 (that is the following variant, all things considered), yet it’s an extremely incredible presentation.

Extraordinary, that is, with the exception of the Microsoft-ordered 800 x 480 goals. That is too low-res for a cell phone of any size now, and it’s exacerbated by the Titan II’s monstrous screen. There are some jaggies on content and viewing a video is an unequivocally bring down constancy encounter than on a 720p telephone, or even a littler 800 x 480 presentation, yet the most serious issue is that everything from content to symbols is simply too substantial. The Windows Phone live tiles are gigantic, and the header message inside applications and menus takes up an excessive amount of screen land.

It’s a misuse of such an expansive presentation, truly, to have a low-res encounter that keeps you from seeing and accomplishing more on the screen without a moment’s delay. It is anything but an awful affair using any and all means, however various telephones offer better survey encounters, and given how much time you’ll spend gazing at your telephone the review encounter is a urgent one.


The greatest change from Titan to Titan II is the camera — the Titan II wears a 16-megapixel, posterior lit up sensor that guarantees awesome pictures. Alongside the devoted screen catch and the double LED streak, the Titan II appears genuine rivalry for your simple to use camera.

Being used, it’s not exactly there. In case you’re in great light, the Titan II takes pictures with astounding subtle element and shading multiplication, however pictures are delicate to the point of appearing to be somewhat unfocused — you’ll never truly comprehend what to take a gander at, on the grounds that even the point of convergence is marginally foggy.

Photographs look awesome at web-sized goals, yet you won’t care for the outcomes in the event that you endeavor to explode or trim your photographs — that sort of invalidates the purpose of having such a high-res sensor. HTC would have been shrewd to execute something like Nokia’s PureView oversampling calculation, consolidating the numerous delicate pixels into less more honed ones so you get littler yet crisper photographs.

The Titan II’s committed screen catch lets you half-press to center the shot, yet I don’t suggest that: you need to press quite difficult to influence the camera to go whatever is left of the way and discharge the shot, which prompts some camera shake that is difficult to survive. Luckily, you can tap anyplace in the edge to center and shoot a shot — that works much better.

I have my issues, however as long as I held my desires under tight restraints this is certainly among the best cell phone cameras I’ve utilized. The camera application is great, as well, fundamental and basic yet at the same time offering a lot of shooting highlights and alternatives. It likewise includes various scene modes and will naturally apply one relying upon what you’re shooting; the impact functions admirably, overstating dusks or make vivid points of interest pop.

Try not to toss out your simple to use at this time, yet certainly don’t stress over abandoning it at home when you’re taking shots bound for Facebook or Flickr.

The forward looking, 1.3-megapixel camera is less energizing. It’s fine for video talk or hair checks, however its photographs are uproarious and dull — it’s additionally set unbalanced, so it’s cumbersome endeavoring to outline your face in a shot.

The back camera shoots 720p video instead of the undeniably pervasive 1080p, which is odd from such a high-res sensor yet tragically typical for Windows Phone. Quality is for the most part a similar story: video looks pleasant at little sizes, with great shading generation, however draw near and you’ll see delicate pictures that do not have a sharp core interest. The camera does self-adjust amid video recording, which is decent, however the Titan II’s recording is unremarkable.


The Titan II’s 1.5GHz Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon processor has been around for some time (it’s in the first Titan, for one) and keeping in mind that it’s not bleeding edge any longer it’s still extremely strong. The Titan II is smart and brisk, and I never experienced any slack or falter.

Spots where I’m accustomed to seeing slack with Android gadgets — propelling an application, taking pictures, even the console in case I’m composing rapidly — present no issues with the Titan II. That is valid for all Windows Phone gadgets, and that is a distinct favorable position of Microsoft’s firmly controlled working framework.

The Titan II additionally associates with AT&T’s LTE arrange, a pleasant update over the Titan. The system’s still generally new, as well, and it’s quick, however not exactly as great as it used to be, back when we got 60Mbps down on the LG Nitro HD. At the Verge office in midtown Manhattan,

I got speeds extending from 8-13Mbps down and 1-2Mbps up. I tried it one next to the other with a Lumia 900 and got comparative speeds on the two telephones, so it appears as though any pinnacles and valleys in speeds are the system’s doing and not the Titan II’s.

Gathering was strong, put something aside for one occasion when the telephone’s remote radio mysteriously close off and wouldn’t return until the point that I rebooted the telephone. Other than that, the telephone clung to a flag well, seldom dropping association and not even once losing a call. LTE network wasn’t as solid, and I dropped to 3G whenever I was inside without a simple observable pathway to a window, yet that is a typical issue with AT&T’s LTE.

Call quality was great, particularly the amplifier — it’s boisterous and clear, and individuals on the opposite end of the line saw how much better I sounded. The earpiece is alright, once in a while suppressing sound however ordinarily sounding fresh and clean. Speakerphone was just normal: other individuals could quickly tell when I’d put them on speakerphone, which is never a decent sign.

I sounded affirm on the off chance that I was inside around two feet of the telephone, however any further and my voice would separate. The amplifier isn’t uproarious, yet it’s unmistakable and doesn’t contort, so it works fine insofar as you’re not outside or in a boisterous room.

The 1,730mAh battery inside the Titan II isn’t especially expansive, yet it does its activity commendably: even with a LTE association and the high-timed processor, battery life was still shockingly strong. I spent an entire day messaging, messaging, taking many pictures, and making a few telephone calls, and the telephone continued chugging — I got multi day and a half of battery existence without making a decent attempt.


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